Welcome to the UIC Women’s Leadership and Resource Center

The Women’s Leadership and Resource Center serves as a resource for the entire campus community while placing the experiences of diverse women at its center. We work to promote gender equity through programming that raises awareness of women’s and gender issues, develops women’s leadership, and celebrates women’s accomplishments and contributions. We provide resources as well as individual consultation on issues such as sexual harassment and sexual assault. The WLRC provides a welcoming, safe and inclusive space for all genders that encourages dialogue and diversity. Come study, relax and chat with us.


2015 Sexual Assault Awareness Month Calendar

Shatter the Silence: Teal Ribbon Campaign for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) begins April 1st, 2015 and continues throughout the month of April.

The University of Illinois (UIC) is committed to creating and sustaining a campus environment where sexual violence is unacceptable and survivors are supported. This April, we pledge to “shatter the silence” around sexual violence — to start talking, to keep listening, and to create conversations around the movement to end this social problem. Partners on campus have planned a host of events to raise awareness around this local, national, and international problem. All events are free and open to the public. You can also pick up your teal ribbon at any of these events or partnering offices.

At UIC we know that our work to end gender based violence is ongoing and comprehensive. While we highlight the work of our efforts during this month, we are cognizant that our commitments and labors are ongoing. This includes new initiatives coming to UIC like the  It’s On Us Campaign. For more information and to get involved with It’s On Us contact DuJuan Smith at the Dean of Students office or email dujuan7@uic.edu. To learn about other ways to end sexual violence throughout the year contact the Campus Advocacy Network at UIC or any of the participating offices.

For a full schedule of the month’s events, including times and locations, please visit https://can.uic.edu/saam-april-2015/.

Participating Offices Include Asian American Resource and Cultural Center, African American Cultural Center, Campus Advocacy Network, Catharsis Productions, Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change, Counseling Center, Dean of Students Office, Department of Criminology Law and Justice, Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies, It’s On Us Campaign, Gender and Sexuality Center, Latin American and Latino Studies, Latino Cultural Center, Reimagining Masculinity Initiative, Title IX Office, Wellness Center, Women’s Leadership and Resource Center, Women in Science and Engineering