Feminisms Lunch Lecture Series

Feminism means different things to different people.  Join us for lunch as we explore, discuss and highlight feminisms and examine them within various cultural locations and contexts. Every month, the Feminisms Lecture Series will host a guest speaker exploring the varied and complex realms of feminism.

Call for Submissions for the Fall 2017 Feminisms Lunch Lecture Series

The Women’s Leadership and Resource Center would like to invite graduate students, faculty, staff and community members to participate and present in our upcoming Feminisms Lecture Series. This series creates a safe space to explore the varied and complex realms of feminism.  We invite you to submit proposals that open up opportunities and guide us as we delve deeper into and broaden our understanding of this complex and multifarious movement while expanding the conversation about what it means to be a feminist. You can check out previous presentations below.

This series will be held monthly in the WLRC/CAN Programming Room at 1101 W Taylor Street, 3rd Floor from 12:30 pm to 1:30pm. Lectures should be about 45 minutes long and will be followed by a 10 minute question/answer session.

Please fill out the proposal submission form below to be considered for the Fall 2017 Feminisms Lecture Series. Submissions are due by Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017.

Feminisms Lecture Series - Call for Submissions for Fall 2017

Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017.
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Spring 2017 FEMINISMS Lunch Lecture Series

April 2017     Paige Sweet – Projects of Legibility: Feminist Anti-Violence Work, the Psy-Sciences and the State

February 2017     Anne Kirkner – Assessing the Medical Forensic Exam: The Ethics of Medico-Legal Advocacy

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Fall 2016 FEMINISMS Lunch Lecture Series

November 2016     Stella Pope Duarte – Feminine Archetypes in Chicano/Latino History

FEMINISMS Lunch Lecture Series_SPDposter

October 2016     Meghan Daniel – From “Transactional to Transformational”: Reproductive Justice and Margins to Center Organizing

FEMINISMS Lunch Lecture Series_MDposter

September 2016     Alex Davis – (Re)Methodologizing Femininity: Native Feminism within the Settler State

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Spring 2016 FEMINISMS Lunch Lecture Series

April 2016     Meghna Bhat – Violence Against Women in Bollywood Cinema

FEMINISMS Lunch Lecture Series_MBposter

March 2016     Deana G. Lewis – I See You: Hyperinvisibility of Black Women & Girls in Dialogues on Criminalization and Justice

FEMINISMS Lunch Lecture Series_DLposter

February 2016     Sequoya Hayes – Exploring Feminism: Organizing, Activating, Making Change

FEMINISMS Lunch Lecture Series_sequoyaposter

January 2016     Veronica I. Arreola  – When the Waves of Feminism Crash Into Blogs

FEMINISMS Lunch Lecture Series_arreolaposter

Fall 2015 FEMINISMS Lunch Lecture Series

November 2015     Lauren Dean  – Keeping Women In Their Place: Urban Design and Female Mobility in Mumbai

FEMINISMS Lunch Lecture Series_LDposter

October 2015     Arjun Mitra  – Changing the Face of Feminism in India

FEMINISMS Lunch Lecture Series_AMposter

September 2015     Kristen Vogt Veggeberg – 21st Century Feminism in Science Museums

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Spring 2015 FEMINISMS Lunch Lecture Series

April 2015     Judith Gardiner  – Feminist Friendships






















March 2015     Scout Bratt  – Bringing Your Feminisms Into Health Care


February 2015     Jenny Korn – Intersectional Constructions of Race and Gender Within Facebook Groups: A feminist analysis of digital identity

FEMINISMS Lunch Lecture Series_JKposter

January 2015     Norma Moruzzi – What Is Feminism? Islam and Feminism

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