Feminisms Lunch Lecture Series

Spring 2017 FEMINISMS Lunch Lecture Series

February 2017     Anne Kirkner – Assessing the Medical Forensic Exam: The Ethics of Medico-Legal Advocacy

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Fall 2016 FEMINISMS Lunch Lecture Series

November 2016     Stella Pope Duarte – Feminine Archetypes in Chicano/Latino History

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Lunch will be served. RSVP by 11/15 at can.wlrc@gmail.com.

October 2016     Meghan Daniel – From “Transactional to Transformational”: Reproductive Justice and Margins to Center Organizing

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September 2016     Alex Davis – (Re)Methodologizing Femininity: Native Feminism within the Settler State

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Spring 2016 FEMINISMS Lunch Lecture Series

April 2016     Meghna Bhat – Violence Against Women in Bollywood Cinema

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March 2016     Deana G. Lewis – I See You: Hyperinvisibility of Black Women & Girls in Dialogues on Criminalization and Justice

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February 2016     Sequoya Hayes – Exploring Feminism: Organizing, Activating, Making Change

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January 2016     Veronica I. Arreola  – When the Waves of Feminism Crash Into Blogs

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Fall 2015 FEMINISMS Lunch Lecture Series

November 2015     Lauren Dean  – Keeping Women In Their Place: Urban Design and Female Mobility in Mumbai

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October 2015     Arjun Mitra  – Changing the Face of Feminism in India

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September 2015     Kristen Vogt Veggeberg – 21st Century Feminism in Science Museums

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Spring 2015 FEMINISMS Lunch Lecture Series

April 2015     Judith Gardiner  – Feminist Friendships






















March 2015     Scout Bratt  – Bringing Your Feminisms Into Health Care


February 2015     Jenny Korn – Intersectional Constructions of Race and Gender Within Facebook Groups: A feminist analysis of digital identity

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January 2015     Norma Moruzzi – What Is Feminism? Islam and Feminism

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