Women-centered Campus Resources

The Children’s Center, located at 1919 W. Taylor Street Rm 116, provides early childhood education and care to 50 preschool children of UIC students, faculty, and staff. The children range in age from two years, nine months to six years.

Located across both campuses, UIC offers lactation rooms for use by faculty, staff and student nursing mothers.

While these organizations aim to get members of all genders and identities involved, they also boast a safe and welcoming environment for female-identified persons. Some are: Movement Against Sexual Violence, Feminists United, Donate by Design, Students Against Human Trafficking and others. All student organizations are a great way to get involved and meet other like-minded individuals.

The Wellness Center offers a wide array of services for all genders on campus. One workshop, titled “Wellness for Women,” focuses on helping to manage the daily stressors of being a woman. A variety of women’s health issues will be addressed, including health mistakes women often make, breaking the cycle of yo-yo dieting, having Pap smears, GYN exams, disease prevention, breast health, exercise, nutrition, heart health and sexuality. All of their workshops are free.

UIC Parking Services has developed a new program which provides convenient parking spaces for expectant mothers. This Program applies to any UIC faculty, staff member, or student who is in the third trimester of her pregnancy and already has a parking permit from Parking Services*.

The expectant mother will need to obtain documentation from University Health Services (UHS), and will then be able to request a transfer from her current lot to a closer, more convenient parking lot. Each case is handled individually based on medical circumstances and the individual’s destination on campus.  Generally, lot transfers will be granted 11 weeks prior to the due date for a pregnancy with no complications, and will expire seven days after the expected due date.

To participate in the Expectant Mother Parking program, the participant should fill out this request form: Expectant Mother Parking Form
For more information or questions about this program please contact UIC Parking Services at: (312) 413-9020 (East Campus) or (312) 413-5850 (West Campus).

*If the UIC faculty, staff member, or student does not already have a parking permit, she may purchase either a standard assignment for one semester or a temporary monthly permit from Parking Services and then have that space transferred to the closest available lot for the duration of her third trimester.