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UIC’s Women’s Leadership and Resource Center (WLRC) is a Center for Cultural Understanding and Social Change (CCUSC) and serves faculty, staff, and students across all its campuses (East, West, Law, UI Health).

WLRC’s mission is to increase awareness of and affirm the diverse needs of woman-identified persons in higher education; provide opportunities to learn about the histories of and contemporary issues in feminist movements, activism, and scholarship, especially as they relate to white supremacy, ableism, heterosexism, transphobia, wealth inequality, et al; and promote gender equity, anti-violence, inclusion, and social justice on campus and in the larger society and world.

To accomplish this mission, WLRC aims to

  • offer engaged learning opportunities for individual students, classes, and groups
  • provide a range of programs (e.g., lectures, film series, workshops, exhibitions, colloquia, storytelling, artmaking, etc.) and resources from feminist, anti-racist, and anti-oppression perspectives
  • assist students and staff in identifying and acquiring resources, tools, opportunities, and skills that help them have a successful experience at UIC
  • bring attention to the need for self-care, spiritual well-being, respect, and sense of belonging among students and staff
  • foster collaborations and connections among UIC faculty/students/staff and with feminist and social justice groups in Chicago to address the issues that impact the lives of marginalized women
  • create spaces for building community and solidarity and fostering dialogue
  • encourage awareness about gender-based violence and advocate for safety through the Campus Advocacy Network (CAN) program. CAN provides
    • confidential crisis support and advocacy for survivors of any gender/sexual/racial identity or university status who have experienced gender-based violence, and
    • educational programs, training, campaigns, activism, internships, and community-building.

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1700 Student Services Building
1200 W. Harrison St.
Chicago, IL 60607
(northwest corner of Harrison and Racine)

For assistance in locating the center, please contact us at or (312) 413-1025.

The center is open year-round Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm.

Via CTA:

  • The 7 west-bound (WB) bus stops on Harrison, in front of the building, on the northwest corner of Harrison and Racine.
  • The  7 east-bound (EB) bus stops on Harrison, across the street, on the southwest corner of Harrison and Racine.
  • The 60 WB bus stops on Racine, across the street, on the southwest corner of Harrison and Racine.
  • The 60 EB bus stops on Racine, across the street, on the southeast corner of Harrison and Racine.
  • The Blue Line Racine stop is one block north of the building.

Via UIC Shuttle:

  • The WB Intracampus and Semester Express buses stop on Harrison, in front of the building.
  • The EB Semester Express bus stops on Racine, across the street, on the southwest corner of Harrison and Racine.
  • The EB Intracampus bus stops on Harrison, across the street, on the southeast corner of Harrison and Racine.
Google Map of 1200 W. Harrison

Accessibility Info Heading link

At the top is a light blue face mask, with the words
  • Masking: We ask that all visitors wear a mask. Our staff is fully masked at all times. Masks continue to help prevent the spread of airborne respiratory illnesses and allow us to be in solidarity with those who are immunocompromised.
  • As we strongly encourage masking, we ask that guests not eat inside WLRC’s suite (quick bites and sips are okay as long as masks are immediately replaced). Guests may eat inside the building’s courtyards or lounge.
  • SSB Accessibility: The Student Services Building (SSB) is accessible via wheelchair. The entrances have ramps and push buttons.
  • To reach WLRC: Once inside SSB, visitors can use a flight of stairs on the east side of the building, a ramp on the west side of the building, or the elevator in the center of the building to reach the suite (exit the elevator on Floor 1 North / 1R).  SSB has a reception desk near the east entrance at Harrison and Racine where guests can request assistance in getting to WLRC’s suite. Please note that WLRC’s entrance does not have a push button, so visitors may require assistance opening the door.
  • Scent: WLRC aims to provide, but cannot guarantee, a scent-free space.
  • Lighting: The entire suite has overhead fluorescent lights. We will be adding lamps soon to reduce the brightness of the lighting.
  • Restrooms: The building has both single-gender and all-gender multi-stall restrooms.
    • The restrooms right in front of WLRC’s suite are single-gender and have accessible stalls but do not have accessible push-button doors. The women’s restroom has free tampons and pads.
    • Visitors can access ground-floor restrooms with push-button doors (a men’s restroom and an all-gender restroom) via a ramp next to WLRC’s suite or the elevator in the center of the building (exit the elevator on Floor 1 South / 1).
  • Water: A water fountain and dispenser is located right in front of WLRC’s suite.
  • Food: Vending machines with a wide variety of snacks and drinks, as well as a microwave and sink, are located in the lounge area across the hall from WLRC’s suite.
  • Please send any questions or access requests to or (312) 413-1025.